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    Home Care Assistance of Grand Strand

    Grand Strand’s First Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

    My name is Ashley DesMarteau, Director of Operations, and I have been exactly where you are right now. Two years ago I unexpectedly found myself looking for care for my parents and didn’t know the first place to look. Being two states away and an only child added to the pressure of finding the best choice for them. With every visit, I wondered if I should uproot my family to come take care of my aging parents. How could I suggest my parents leave the home they’ve loved for years? They worked hard to cultivate friendships and roles in their community. It didn’t seem fair to uproot anyone.

    You are not alone in this journey. As part of Home Care Assistance, I get to help other families avoid this stress and heartache. Home Care Assistance proudly keeps older adults safe and happy at home. We set the standard in home care by cultivating client relationships that are rich in respect, dignity and trust.

    Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of seniors in our community. This may mean working with someone who simply needs a helper or someone who needs 24 hour care as they transition home from the hospital.

    Chances are you are researching us because there is a senior in your life who needs in-home care now or in the future. Did a visit with a family member, parent, grandparent make you realize they are not safe living alone? Perhaps you or a loved one have recently received an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis. Maybe you are looking for care for yourself or for your spouse. Regardless of the reason, the team at Home Care Assistance of the Grand Strand is here for you.

    Thank you, Grand Strand, for making us the premier provider of home care for older adults. We are honored by the trust so many families place in us!

    We offer high quality, personalized care where seniors most prefer: at home.

    Hourly Care

    By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines.

    24 Hour Care

    Those living with dementia or who are homebound due to physical limitations benefit greatly from 24 hour care.

    Specialized Care

    Our caregivers have experience with advanced care needs and training in the more complicated conditions that affect older adults.

    Free Consultation

    Your local team of Client Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized plan.

    Concierge Support From Our Care Team.

    Our Care Team members make all the difference. Each client and his or her family works with a Client Care Manager who is available to answer questions, help with care transitions and ensure our high quality standards are met throughout the length of service. We also offer clients full staffing support and community liaisons to ensure we are there to help no matter what our aging clients may need.

    Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Home Care Assistance

    The team at Home Care Assistance of the Grand Strand is very polite, friendly and compassionate. All of the employees are very dedicated and reliable and it shows with their superior service! I would highly recommend.


    Last summer, my mother was fortunate enough to have Home Care Assistance of the Grand Strand step in and help her out while she was recovering from a major medical incident. I live in Colorado and was not able to be there for the assistance that she needed. I have always known that my mother lives in a wonderful community but the added peace of mind from knowing that this organization is able to step in at a moment's notice is invaluable. The exceptionally trained staff was able to aid my mother when she needed it the most and their understanding, guidance and feedback was most appreciated by myself and my family. Thank you so much for taking care of not only my mother but the community which you are so important to.


    Whenever there is a need for a great home care agency, I know that Home Care Assistance will always come through. Ashley cares deeply about all of the families that she works with. They always make sure to hire caring, loving people and always work to make the right fit when matching patients with caregivers.


    The Home Care Assistance staff provided my husband and I with peace of mind and it was comforting to have someone during the evening and night-time so that my husband could get a good night's rest. The staff is courteous and arrived on time or earlier for each scheduled visit.


    You will not find a more dedicated and compassionate provider for your loved one than Home Care Assistance of the Grand Strand. The company is highly selective in their hiring and it shows. On countless occasions, the staff has gone above and beyond the expected call of duty as if the client was their own beloved family member. They are truly the superheroes of home care!


    Home Care Assistance is very involved with the Waccamaw Community. Through civic action and generous donations to local charities, they really make a difference in this area. Ashley is such a caring and genuine person. It is obvious that she really cares about the staff providing the in-home assistance and those on the receiving end. As someone who has lived here for over 15 years, I can tell you that this company's reputation and care is an asset to this community. I would highly recommend them.


    Ashley from Home Care Assistance has been a godsend to my parents in Pawleys Island. As we (my brother and two sisters) all live in Maryland, when it was clear that our parents needed help to keep them in their home, we knew we could rely on Ashley to place a caring person to look after them and provide meals for them. When a situation involving a computer issue came up, Ashley stepped in to help us sort it out. We know that we can rely on her to provide hands-on support when we can't be there.


    As a successful Realtor in the Pawleys Island and Murrells Inlet areas for over 27 years, I constantly work with individuals and couples who have a need for in-home care. Ashley and the Home Care Assistance team have been a godsend for many in my area. They have provided both short and long-term care as needed in order to allow my clients and friends to remain in this beautiful and special part of the world we call home. Thank you so much for enhancing the quality of life for so many!


    The managers were very responsive and involved. Whenever I called, I was sure to either reach a manager or get a return call very soon. They spoke with the caregivers and reviewed their thorough daily notes and contacted me whenever they had any concerns or issues. The managers were very generous with their time. For example, Ashley attended a very long meeting with my sister’s doctor to discuss her needs and future care and the managers rushed to my sister’s house whenever there was any concern.


    I have been using Home Care Assistance of Grand Strand to help care for my parents for over a year now. What a difference they have made! I live far away and cannot spend as much time as is needed to care for my folks. Ashley and the team have been amazing with the help and support they have given both my parents and myself. The caregivers they hire are exceptional. They are caring, thoughtful, friendly and, most of all, extremely competent! I could not have asked for better caregivers for my parents.


    The Home Care Assistance team is there when you need them! The outstanding team at Homecare Assistance of the Grand Strand stepped in and took exceptional care of my sweet mother-in-law. Going above and beyond became the norm and my family will be forever grateful for their empathy and dedication. Bean is 92 now and enjoys visits from her great-grandchildren, who love her with all of their heart, as we all do.


    Home Care Assistance does an outstanding job. They were not only compassionate but truly served as advocates during a critical time.?


    Press Play to Get to Know Us Better

    Our Company Culture Touches Everything We Do

    Our Caregivers are the Heart and Soul of Our Company

    Our Innovative Programs Elevate The Aging Experience

    Find Us

    237A Willbrook Boulevard

    Pawleys Island, SC 29585

    Total Peace of Mind

    We understand the trust you place in us, and do everything possible to ensure that the home care experience is worry-free for all concerned.

    Community Connections

    We are the trusted partner of reputable care professionals in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on connecting our clients to the care solutions they need - even if it's outside our service offerings.

    Elevated Quality of Life

    Our Balanced Care Method? emphasizes healthy mind, body, and spirit. We believe that with the proper care, we can help older family members live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

    Trusted Care Expertise

    We are experts in all aspects of home care, from family dynamics to nutrition, around-the-clock care to dementia. And we train our caregivers accordingly.

    Committed To Our Clients

    We believe the best way to deliver exceptional care is to focus on building long-term, trusting relationships between caregivers, seniors, and their families.

    High Quality Care

    We go above and beyond to deliver concierge-level care for clients who want, and expect, the very best for their aging loved ones.

    Why People Use Home Care Services by Home Care Assistance Aging can be difficult. Your grandparents may not be able to live independently once they move past a certain age. Caring for them may be too much for you to do on your own, which is where a home care service provider comes in. This individual will help them with daily tasks, like getting groceries and taking their medication. The provider can assist with just about anything that your grandparents need. Home Care Assistance is a trusted name in the industry and is a company that you should consider going forward.

    Caregiver for your loved ones in the comfort of their own house in Grand Strand South Carolina

    Coming to the decision that home care is necessary is only the beginning. It does not matter if you are just working with one grandparent or two, home care can be extremely beneficial for them. For starters, it allows them to stay in their own home instead of moving into a facility. They are in familiar surroundings and they do not have to go anywhere to get the medical attention that they need. If you decide to work with Home Care Assistance, they will do everything in their power to take excellent care of your grandparents.

    Senior Care

    If you decide to go with one of the elderly care plans for seniors, you are certain to feel good about the services being offered. Home Care Assistance understands what it means to take care of seniors, regardless of their relationship to you.

    Elderly Care

    They will figure out what they need and discuss care with their doctor so that they tailor the plan specifically to them. It really does not matter what their medical issue is, Home Care Assistance can help!

    Alzheimer's Care

    Is your loved one dealing with Alzheimer's Disease? If so, they may not be able to remember many things that they did before. They may not even know who you are. In addition, you may see behavioral changes. They may experience periods of sadness or quick mood changes.

    Parkinson's Care

    Parkinson's disease often begins with a noticeable tremor in the hands or feet. As the disease progresses, the sufferer may have difficulty walking, talking and sleeping. Their muscles tighten up and they begin to experience a lack of mobility.

    Dementia Care

    Dementia is a terrible disease. Sufferers generally show either behavioral or psychological symptoms. They may have difficulty remembering certain details or they might have trouble interacting with other people.

    Stroke Care

    Strokes bring forth a host of different problems. For example, muscular issues are quite common in people suffering from a stroke. They may appear to be clumsy, and they might have difficulty seeing as well. The person dealing with the stroke might not have any energy and they may feel a bit dizzy. Many stroke victims have difficulty speaking; their speech is nearly indecipherable at times.

    Cancer Care

    There are so many different types of cancer. You can have lung cancer, skin cancer or lymphatic cancer. It affects men and women of all different ages. One of the more common types of cancer in older individuals is melanoma and basal cell cancer.

    About Our Caregiving Services

    There are ways to handle each of the issues noted above. It is important to consider what stage your loved one is at in their disease. For those that have not progressed very much, a home care professional may be sufficient for the time being. The team at Home Care Assistance is eager to talk to you about how they can help your grandparents. Their prices are reasonable and their staff is well trained and efficient. You can rest easy knowing that they are taking care of your loved ones! Get in touch with them today so you can figure out your next steps when it comes to the care of your grandparents.

    24 Hour Care

    Full time and around the clock caregivers are also available for elder patients.

    Home Health Care

    Home Health Aid

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