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    Coping Through the Holidays

    Led by Rick Lauber, Former Co-caregiver and Author. This webinar will cover tips, strategies and coping mechanisms for caregivers to utilize during the holiday season.


    About The Presenter

    Rick Lauber is a former co-caregiver for his aging parents who were diagnosed with Parkinson's, Leukemia, and Alzheimer's disease. As a caregiver, he was able to navigate through the challenges that caregivers endure and experience while providing care. During his journey, he used his writing as a coping mechanism and decided to share his experiences with others by becoming an author. He has written two books: Caregiver's Guide for Canadians and The Successful Caregiver's Guide.

    The Successful Caregiver's Guide is more aligned for American readers and can be purchased on Self-Counsel Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble bookstores. Rick is also a contributor to our blog and his articles can be found here. For more information about Rick, access his website: http://www.ricklauber.com.

    Coping Through the Holidays

    Date: Friday, November 15th

    Time: 10AM PST / 1PM EST


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